Adopt a Bee, Sloth, Sea Turtle

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Give a gift that truly means something with this Adopt an animal kit. 


Bee, created in association with the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES). Help to conserve these flying, flower-loving friends. They are a vital part of nature and buying this tin will help to support these hardworking creatures for years to come. It makes the perfect gift for any animal lover.

Inside this product you will receive a welcome letter, an explanation of the gift, a registration sheet, fact sheet, poster, infographic, information leaflet and a postcard! It will bring an instant smile to the face of anyone who receives it.


Sloths are known for being slow creatures (hence their name), but one look at these adorable slowpokes will make you fast fall in love with their gentle nature.
For the animal-lover in your life, give them the gift of making a real difference with the Sloth Adoption Kit. This attractive gift tin includes tons of full-color papers that make it wonderfully presentable and clearly explain what the actual gift is—a 12-month certificate to adopt a sloth through The Sloth Conservation Foundation, providing a future for endangered sloths.

Once your recipient has filled out the registration, the Sloth Conservation Foundation will carry out conservation work on their behalf and send them a personalized supporter certificate as well as updates directly from the Foundation.


Sea Turtle

Adopt an endangered species of sea turtle for 12 months and make a real difference to their future survival.

This exciting pack includes easy-to-follow instructions – simply register online or by post to adopt a turtle and receive a supporter certificate.

Your adoption will assist the Sea Turtle Foundation, a registered animal conservation charity.

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