Chappy Wrap Lightweight Blanket Windowpane Cornflower or Light Grey

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Crafted from the signature Chappy material everyone adores, our latest product has a newfound lightness. Made for porch-swing mornings and breezy summer nights, these blankets are effortlessly portable and provide warmth without the weight.  

  • 60″ x 80″ 

  • Machine wash and dry

  • Resistant to shrinking, pilling, and fuzz

  • Reversible, Jacquard-woven design

  • 58% cotton 32% acrylic 10% polyester

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Why did we create the Lightweight Blanket?

The Lightweight Blanket was created as a lighter alternative to our traditional ChappyWrap blankets, providing customers with a versatile option for warmer climates and seasons. 

How do Lightweight Blankets differ from The Chappy? 

The key differences are in the weight and binding – Lightweight Blankets are about half the weight of The Chappy and have a one-inch fold over binding. The care instructions, reversibility, and size (60” x 80”) remain the same.

Which season is the Lightweight Blanket made for?

While suitable for year-round use, the Lightweight Blanket is particularly tailored for the spring and summer seasons when a lighter layer is preferred. 

Color: Cornflower