Funny Air Freshners

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These wise, funny air fresheners are perfect for the car.  We all know someone who will fit the description. 

They make great stocking stuffers or grab gifts. 

Cool Aunt-smells like wine breath and in appropriate conversation 

Cat people-smells like putting and a fresh hair all under your feet 

Dog people-smells like unconditional love and drool. Lots and lots of drool 

Teachers- smells like grading papers even on your honeymoon

Middle child- smells like largely invisible scent  go ahead, dye your hair purple, no one will notice 

It’s Fine- smells like somebody’s passive aggressive  no really, it’s fine, I’m fine, it’s all fine.  Really 

Dad jokes-smells like groaning kids.  Why do the jokes always happen in the car?

Okay moms- smells like truth and wine  probably lots and lots of wine 

 Social anxiety- smells like a list of pre- planned excuses.  Are you kidding me? I really did break my glass eye and set the waterbed on fire  


Style: Cool aunt