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Ocean 14 K Gold Vermeil Starfish Necklace


This stunning and elegant Starfish Necklace is a profoundly romantic and meaningful piece. It depicts the uniqueness and strength a Starfish possess. The Starfish is considered to be the star of the Ocean. It endures and shines brightly through all that life has to offer. In addition, the Starfish is a self-guiding and inspiring creature. All symbolism and grace, make this Gold Starfish Necklace the perfect gift for the strong-willed star in your life. 

Made in Ireland with care. 


The 14K Gold Vermeil Starfish Necklace with Cubic Zirconias is a delicate and elegant piece. This Gold Starfish shines bright just like a star on a dark night. The pendant uses the finest 925 sterling silver with a thick layer of 14K Gold. Similarly, the necklace has a stunning symmetry and outline that adds an oceanic flow to the piece. In addition, the necklace features a delicate 18″ Gold Vermeil cable chain with an extender in the form of a sliding ball clasp. The ball clasp features a silicon core that allows smooth and effortless length adjustment of the chain.