I Want To Be Like Sea Glass Framed Wall Art

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I want to be like sea glass moves by tides pulled by the mystery of the moon   I want to dance in the wild ocean, ride the currents of my life all the way in, land on the ocean shores, rest ok sand and, ah bask in the sun…and know I am among treasure every single day.

I want to be found by a dreamer, a walker of beaches. I want to be held, but gently, with open hands because a last of me will always be free and a bit lost at sea ( and maybe that’s just the truth of loving anything), I want to be cherished for how many hard edges have softened  with time, for how I have weathered  my storms.  I want to be seen for all that I am not less, because my colors have changed or because I have been broken-but more I want to live like Sea Glass, to treasure exert wave that Carrie’s me even when those waves take me places I don’t want to go, even when I land hard.  I want to shine quietly through all my days catching the light of every moment.  I want to finally understand,  oh please, that I am shaped uniquely by this, my journey, and that shape is while and very, very beautiful    

  • framed canvas shelf art 'I want to be like sea glass' by Sandy Gingras from How to Live ®

  • giclée print on premium artist canvas adhered to a solid back

  • frame is made from weathered wood that comes in an all natural gray tone or rustic antique white finish

  • each piece is custom made 


each frame is one-of-a-kind, handmade, rustic and unique. variations in natural wood color are to be expected.
7 x 9