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Klutz Discovery Bottle


It's a craft kit with a hint of science. Like all Klutz products, this kit has everything you need for the projects in this case, 2 bottles, mineral oil, glitter glue, small plastic hoop and stick, four colors of glitter, sequins, silicon fish figure, dye tablet, and 48-page instruction book. The instruction book includes six experiments to create your own sensory tubes such as Tiny Tornado and Eye Find. Create, build, and discover!!

Explore sensory play with these easy at-home water-based bottle experiments! Watch your kid's cares melt away as they're mesmerized by swirling glitter or challenge themselves to tilt a fish through a hoop in the 2 provided leak-proof bottles. ity kit. The fun doesnt stop there! The included crystal-clear instructions include 4 additional experiments using common household ingredients.


2 leak-proof bottles, 4 colors of glitter, Glitter glue, Assorted sequins, 1 straw, 2 rubber bands, Plastic fish figurine, Plastic ring, Mineral oil, Blue dye tablet

Recommended for ages 6 and older.