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Light House Keepers Condiments


Small batch foods, inspired by the life and recipes of a lighthouse keeper on Sandy Neck Beach, Cape Cod.

Black Fig Jam-truly decadent. Its sweet flavor and creamy texture accompanies cheese perfectly. Which cheeses you ask? All the cheese! Try it mixed with balsamic vinegar on roasted chicken or baked ham and you’ll thank us! 10 oz Jar

Cape Cod Cranberry Lime Hot Sauce -

If you are obsessed with hot sauce, like we are, we promise you’ll never try anything quite like this. It has a little bit of sweet to balance out the heat. Tart cranberries and bright lime are smoothed by smoky toasted coriander. The pleasant, not too hot, habanero heat will hit in the end. You'll find us slinging it back on oysters all summer long, but it goes great on cheese, fish, chicken and pork too! 8 oz Jar

Beachcomber Mustard-Savory Herb Beachcomber mustard is truly a diamond in the rough (or a scallop shell in the seaweed). Made with a blend of flavorful garlic and herbaceous rosemary, this mustard is a step above your traditional deli mustard. Its great on cheese, chicken, sausages, lamb and warm doughy pretzels with a side of local beer! 8 oz

Cape cod Horseradsish -flavorful pairing of cranberries with brown sugar, horseradish, mustard, orange and wasabi, you’ll love it at first bite. Its great on turkey, ham, chicken, fish and cheese. It will be your new go-to condiment! 8 oz Jar

Cranberry Mustard- Everything you want from a tangy ketchup, with added tart and sweet flavors from cranberries. 13.8 oz