Pretty Rugged Luxury Blanket

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We love these luxurious baskets for indoors and out. The ultra soft faux fur makes it perfect for snuggling on the couch and the water proof, machine washable fabric makes it perfect for a sports gwme, the boat or just about any eye.   Introducing your new favorite, can't live without blanket...the TS Luxe Blanket.

Featuring the luxurious faux fur we're famous for, backed with our SatinTex lining. Bringing the best indoors, this blanket is machine washable, so use it and fall in love with every day.

Our Blankets feature our RuggedTex technology or simply put, our waterproof backing. This special nylon backing features our proprietary technology that creates a completely waterproof barrier. Water runs right off of it making it perfect for any situation that's wet or rainy. 

The blankets come packaged in a waterproof  bag and a corner, water proof pocket to store your phone, keys or whatever else you want to tuck in there  

Lap Blankets -33x56

All other blankets -55x70




Color: Lap blue