Savannah Bee Honey Sampler

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Ted Dennard's Savannah Bee Company produces exceptional natural honey and nurtures thriving colonies of the popular pollinators. The company also partners with beekeepers from around the world to import their local specialties, like the three customer favorites in this gift set. Each varietal offers unique flavor and character that reflect its origins and enhance everything from fruit and cheese to yogurt and hot tea.

Lavender: Mild, herbaceous and floral, this honey is produced by bees that pollinate the wild lavender that blooms each May on the border of Spain and Portugal. Ideal with fruit, ice cream and pastries.

Orange Blossom: Sweet, citrusy honey hails from hives in the orange groves of central Florida. Try it with roasted carrots, fresh figs and French toast.

Acacia: Delicate single-varietal honey is made by bees in the acacia forests ranging from northern Italy to Ukraine. Stir it into yogurt or tea, or drizzle it over toast.

  • Set of three includes 3-oz. jar of each varietal.
  • 9 oz. total.
  • Certified kosher by KSA.
  • Made in USA with honey from Hungary, Spain and USA.