The Original Hummingbird Swing

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The Best-Selling Hummingbing Bird Swing.

Just place near a feeder or nectar-rich flowering plant and hummingbirds will use the swing as a territorial perching spot to watch over their food source! 

Includes a small screw hook for hanging and Hummingbird FAQ card for use and care.



  • Hummingbirds can be creatures of habit and that can be the reason they either use or don't use the swing.
  • Most important is to place the swing in an ideal perching spot, close to a reliable food source. This is where hummingbirds are most likely to use the swing to keep watch over their feeder!
  • Be sure feeders are clean and worthy of protection by providing a consistent supply of fresh nectar.
  • Avoid any harmful dyes or additives in your nectar and try to place feeders and swings in a well protected, shaded area to encourage longer perching.
  • Include a variety of wildflower nectar sources that are native to your geographical region.
  • Maintain your yard in a natural way that encourages a healthy diet of insects, providing protein for your hummingbirds.