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Lush with minerals, seawater is known to exfoliate, absorb undesired oils, and rejuvenate the mind and body.

True Ocean is the only company in the world with a bath & body collection made with sea water   

Their products start with the same ingredient.  Purified seawater.  The
 ocean water used in True Ocean products is lightly filtered and UV treated to remove or destroy any undesired particles or cells.

We took this vision and created “Coastal”, a mineral-rich, sunkissed, beach-day fragrance + body collection, for the seaside loving individual...bringing a carefree vibe of sandy beaches, sunshine, and seabreeze.


Made in the USA 

Beach Hair Sea Salt Spray- for a wind- kissed texturized Look. Made from purified sea water and aloe leaf. 3.4 oz

Body Spray-Natural fragrance mist providing a light, beach day scent.  Ocean water, aloe and fragrance. 3 oz

Foaming Mineral Bath-natural sea slays and evaporated seawater.  6oz

Mineral Lotion-soothes and hydrates skin. Purified sea water, aloe and Shea butter. 3.4 oz

Salt Scrub-Exfoliate and moisturize with skin loving oils and natural sea salt minerals. Coastal citrus- Evaporated seawater and citrus extract.

Sea salt Bath-coastal calm. Mineral crystals, evaporated seawater. 8 oz

Seasoap-Natural, hydrating cleanser with ocean water base. 5 oz

Candle- 5 oz soy

Style: Beach Hair