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Whale Stud Earrings


Crafted in Ireland out of sterling silver snd Swarovski crystals, these whale earrings make a great keepsake from New England.  

The Whale Stud Earrings are a bright and beautiful pair for everyday and casual wear. Crafted in Sterling silver, each stud earring features a plump whale figure with a slimmer and curvy tail.

The whale is a much revered ancient symbol of deep knowledge and creativity. The crystals are believed to evoke inner peace. The beauty of the whale design combined with its rich emotional symbolism makes this duo an accessory that helps keep your mood upbeat all day long. If you are looking for a feminine gift that works across all age groups, this timeless pair is just the thing to choose.

For every piece of Ocean Jewelry purchased, they make a donation to Seaturtles.org which saves 5 baby sea turtles. 

 .47”w x .19”h