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A Gift From Heaven Wind Chime


Give a gift that comforts the soul with this unique wind chime. Featuring an angel, ribbon and hearts etched with inspirational words, it can be displayed in a memory garden, on the front porch, or anywhere in the home. It’s paired with a beautiful poem printed on a bookmark to provide peace and encouragement when someone needs it most.  

The top features a filigree angel, ribbon and open heart that reads: “A gift from heaven, I am more than a memory, you will feel our love grow, I am forever your angel, some things you just know.”Hanging from the open heart is a smaller heart that reads: “For today, I can share that in Heaven above, God has taken my hand. I am complete, I am love.”The wind chime is also paired  with a bookmark featuring a comforting six stanza poem.  

Dimensions:8.5"L x 2.6"W