Ocean Jewelry Mermaid Necklace

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Made in Ireland, explore the allure of our Mermaid Necklace , crafted from premium materials such as fine sterling silver and opulent gold vermeil. Each Mermaid Pendant showcases beauty and charm while holding the magical symbolism of mermaids—enchantment, mystery, femininity, and serenity.

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The Blue Mermaid Necklace is a mesmerizing piece of jewelry that celebrates seaside fun, freedom and frolic. Crafted in sterling silver and embellished with clear and sparkling crystals, its features a playful mermaid with flowing tresses as its central piece that’s joined to a slim silver chain by two rings. The gown and the tail of the mermaid are in turquoise blue and encrusted with crystals. The hair, face and arms are in plain silver for harmonious contrast. The mermaid is a reminder of the carefree holiday feeling we all carry in our hearts. Wear this necklace and take your fun times with you.

Sterling silver, aqua crystals 
18” with 2” extender