In My Era by Little Words Project

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Introducing In My Era - the perfect accessory that "will never go out of style"! This beaded bracelet will be sure to turn heads whether you're "shaking it off" or out to show the world that you're "never ever getting back together". Wear this bracelet as a reminder to live in the moment through all of your Eras!

Nice Nation- A Community of kindness, built one bracelet at a time. Wear your bracelet for as long as you need as a reminder of just how amazing you are.  Eventually, you’ll find someone who needs it a little more - and you’ll pass it on.  

Hey Friend,

After years of bullying, I started making bracelets in college for myself and my sorority sisters. The wearable affirmations reminded us of our worth, and got us through the tough times together. Ten years and millions of bracelets later, the Little Words Project® community is living proof that kindness is a superpower. Thanks so much for being here, and remember:

Just Be Nice”


Style: In My Era