New England Bells Door Hanger

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Our New England made door hanger bells aren’t just for the holiday  season, they are great all year.  Hang on a door knob, add to a wreath any season, or anywhere in your home.  Choose from holiday styles or our coastal bells to add a nautical touch to your home.  

Heart Bell-These cute heart bells are the perfect gift for a loved one and/or best friend! 3.5”

Small Cardinal-Each cardinal comes with a card that reads: "Though we may be apart, you need to know that you are always in my heart" 3.5”

Angel Bell-Inspired by the movie, Its a Wonderful Life, "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings” 3.5”


Each heart comes with a card that reads: "A true friend is hard to find. They are rare and one of a kind. I don't care if I only have a few. I know I have one of the best, that friend is you!"

Each of these creations are stamped out of authentic leather with 2-1” brass bells.   they are 

After the ring is attached, we add two of the popular #1 bells, with easy to remove, patented design pins, for quick cleansing. Each product has a hand punched and stamped leather tag affixed to the ring.

Average size: 7” x 6”.


Made in the USA -New England made


Color: Blue Anchor