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Ocean 14K Gold Vermeil Whale Tail Necklace or Earrings


Thise Whale Tail Necklace and Earrings is a delicate and elegant piece of Jewelryaccessory. The Gold Whale Tail Necklace depicts a symbol from the depths of the Ocean. The Whale Tail symbolizes strength and agility. The whale can navigate the depths of the Ocean and sings the most melodious song. This romantic Whale Tail Necklace is the ideal gift for someone who is the strength in your life, someone whose song resonates with your soul.

made In Ireland 
14K Gold Vermeil Whale Tail Necklace and earrings with Cubic Zirconias is intricate and detailed. The 14K Gold Whale Tail Necklace Pendant and earrings  are inlaid with shining white Cubic Zirconias, while Gold Vermeil outlines the cauda while Tail. In other words, these Cubic Zirconia combined with Gold Vermeil adds shine and shimmer to this stunning piece. The necklace uses the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver with a thick layer of 14K Gold. Additionally, this necklace features a delicate 18″ Gold Vermeil cable chain with a Gold Vermeil necklace extender in the form of a sliding ball clasp. The ball clasp features a silicon core that allows smooth and effortless length adjustment of 2” for the chain.