Weather Rocks

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The weather rocks is meant as a joke to poke fun of the intricate tools used and inaccuracies of modern weather prediction. 

Our weather rocks are handmade in Maine from beach stones found on the shores of New England and held together with a twined rope  

This is how they work-

They accurately predict the daily weather forecast, if you hang them outside. They can also be used as decoration inside your home and are quite the conversation piece!

If hanging outside, hang it in a location that is easily seen from inside your home.
If the rocks look wet and are dripping, it is highly likely that it will rain today.
If the rocks are white on top, it may snow today.
If the rocks are casting a shadow, it should be sunny.
If you can’t see the rocks, it’s foggy.
If the rocks are swinging, expect wind.

Approximately 18″ long.

Stacked rocks will vary from those pictured and length varies due to the width of each rock.